Drilling Package


Our company’s provision of well-designed packages for Underbalanced Drilling (UBD) and Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) services is crucial for ensuring efficient and safe operations in the oil and gas industry. These packages, comprising choke manifolds, separators, pump skids, metering skids, piping, flare systems, control cabins, and power distribution skids, cover essential components necessary for effective drilling operations. Offering flexibility with skid or trailer-mounted options tailored to both onshore and offshore environments highlights our commitment to meeting diverse operational and service needs.


Our company’s Proficiency in designing, manufacturing, installing, and commissioning complete mud plant systems is invaluable for the efficient operation of drilling projects in the oil and gas industry. With years of experience, we specialize in providing tailored mud plant solutions that meet the specific project and functional requirements of our clients. Additionally, our regular supply of trailer-mounted tanks to oil field service companies worldwide underscores our commitment to providing high-quality equipment and services to support drilling operations globally.


Our company’s capability to design and manufacture drilling manifolds with pressure ratings ranging from 5,000psi to 15,000psi is critical for ensuring safe and efficient drilling operations in the oil and gas industry. The DNV certification and compliance with standards such as NACE MR 0175/ISO 15156 and API 6A requirements demonstrate our commitment to quality and safety. Moreover, integrating multi-station Emergency Shutdown (ESD) systems into the manifold skids enables remote emergency control operations, enhancing safety measures during critical operations.