Well Test Package

Our Engineered well test packages are designed to meet the basic requirements of operability, accessibility, maintainability, quality, safety of the equipment, and environmental requirements during its service. Our packages are designed as easy transportable modules and put on service quickly. Offshore service units are mounted on transportable, DNV certified skids. Onshore package are skid mounted or a Trailer mounted, depending on service provider requirement.

Equipment package consists of,

  • 3inch 10Kpsi Surface Safety Valve and ESD system
  • 3inch 10Kpsi 4/5 valve Choke Manifold and Data Header
  • 3inch 10Kpsi 4MMBtu Steam Exchanger and Steam Generator
  • 3 inch 5/10Kpsi 2/4MMBtu Indirect Water Bath Heater
  • 1440psi 42” x 10’ 3 Phase Separator
  • 50psi 50BBL / 80BBL / 100 BBL twin compartment Surge Tank Skid
  • 3000 BPD / 5000BPD 150psi Centrifugal transfer pump Skid
  • 1440 Psi Oil and gas diverter manifolds
  • 10,000 BPD 3 head burner
  • Burner Boom /King post / Burner head
  • Pipework with DNV certified pipe rack and Basket
  • 20 ft. Zone 1/II, A60 rated, DNV 2.7-1 & 2.7-2 Certified Office with Data Acquisitions system

Packages can also be engineered with additional requirements like including sand management and other specific operational and service requirements.


  • 1440 Psi 42” x 15ft Separators Skid
  • 100 BBL, 250 Psi Twin compartment Surge tank Skid.
  • 2000 Psi 42” x 12ft High Pressure Separator Skid
  • Metering Skid.
  • 5,000 & 10,000 BPD Centrifugal Transfer pump Skid
  • 3,000 & 4,000 BPD Transfer pump Skid.
  • 15,000BPD Onshore Burner heads with ignition systems.


  • 10K and 15K Psi Dead Weight Testers.
  • 10K and 15K Psi Pressure Recorders.
  • 10K and 15K Psi Chemical Injection units.
  • 15K and 20K Psi Pressure test pump units.
  • Single / Twin Emergency Shutdown Panels.
  • Ranarex Gas gravity analyzers.
  • Electric / Air driven Centrifuges.
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